Shipping Info

Orders are shipped in USPS priority flat rate boxes. Earliest orders ship first and will receive the largest bulbs. We will begin shipping late August or early September. We can not ship to Idaho, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico or internationally. 

We offer local pickup in Big Pine. Select option at checkout and we will email you directions for pick up when your order is ready. Due to limited holding space, we need you to pick up within 7 days from receiving the email with pick up instructions. After that time your order will go back into inventory.

We ship minimum 2″ – 2 1/2″ bulbs. Early orders get the biggest bulbs. We will begin shipping in August.

Up to 2 lb  $9.50
2 1/4 lb – 7 lb  $16.10
7 1/4 lb – 12 lb  $21.50
over 12 lb call or email

Payment is made at time of order. All orders are processed through Paypal or major credit cards.  


Our garlic is grown naturally without the use of herbicides or pesticides and so harmless pathogens or pests may be present. All naturally grown plants will host these microscopic cells and they are of no harm to humans. In fact all plants contain these and garlic is no exception. We inspect our garlic thoroughly and do not intentionally sell any garlic that is tainted by disease or pests. We go to great lengths to ensure healthy well balanced soil. We rotate growing beds and inspect each bulb several times before it is packed. Healthy soil makes for healthy garlic. 

We do not guarantee our garlic planting stock to be certified disease free. 

We do inspect our garlic with a keen eye and to the best of our knowledge it is superior seed stock. We do not sell any plant that we think may be contaminated or damaged nevertheless even the keenest eye may be mistaken. 

We take great pride in growing our garlic seed and we do not knowingly sell any garlic seed stock that may be substandard. If for any reason you think your garlic is defective please call or email us stating the problem and we will replace it or issue a refund. We cannot be held responsible for damage during shipping. We cannot replace or refund money after garlic has been planted.